Our Background:

Complete Truck Bodies, Inc. is a family owned business manufacturing the highest quality truck bodies.  These truck bodies are built to meet various delivery services. Terry Cawley, more commonly known as “Pop,” started his refrigeration career working for “Complete Air” in Atlanta, GA.  In 1974, Terry and his wife, Linda Cawley, began the manufacturing company named “Triple C Manufacturing” which is now known as Complete Truck Bodies, Inc.

On July 4th, 1974, “Pop” and Linda’s house was burglarized.  Having nearly all of their household items taken, the total insurance money collected was $6,000. Rather than replacing household essentials, Terry and Linda choose to use the proceeds from the insurance money, to purchase equipment and start a new business. This initial purchase of a sheer and manual press break was the beginning of Complete Truck Bodies.  Terry and Linda sacrificed their household comforts for the opportunity to begin an adventure of running a new company. Linda has repeatedly stated, “A thief put us in business.” For Pop, Linda, and the entire Complete Truck Body family, God turned their short-term loss into a long-term blessing. As stated in the Bible, “In all things, God works together for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.  Romans: 8:28. We know this truth to be real by personal experience.

As Complete Truck Bodies continued to grow, they began looking for a permanent place to expand.  In 1986, Complete Truck Bodies, Inc. relocated from the southside of Atlanta to the current location of Gay, GA. This location is conveniently located approximately 44 miles south of Atlanta.

By 1999, Complete Truck Bodies, was purchased by Grumman Olson. Two years later Kevin Cawley, Pop’s oldest son, traveled to a New York City court auction, to purchase back the family business maintaining the legacy of his innovative father.  Large growth happened for the next 7 years with Kevin assuming many titles of leadership in the company. Complete experienced successful growth under his diligent leadership. On April 11th, 2008 tragedy struck the Cawley family as well as the business.  Kevin’s life was suddenly taken. Along with his wife and six children, the entire Complete Truck Body family was in shock.  After a week of conflicting emotions, the team at Complete continued forward. On Monday, April 21st, production and business resumed with his wife, Paige, as CEO where she continues to serve.  In 2013, their son Kent moved into the position of Vice-President. Another son, Joshua joined the business in the Human Resource department while their youngest son, Noah, works in production.

We all appreciate,” Pop, who is still a big part of Complete.  His frequent stops at the production facility are a continuous reminder of our beginning.  Of course, we still rely on his expertise and enjoy his company.

Business and life are not always easy. We at Complete, have seen God work on our behalf in order that we may be a blessing to our customers and world. It is our great privilege to serve you with quality truck bodies.